Who We Are And Why We Are Here

Who are we?

Lambros and Alice Anne, both born and raised in South Africa, married in 1979 and came to Greece two weeks later.

After 28 years in Athens they found the ‘farm’ – at 1.6 hectares it is a very small farm or large garden – on the island of Euboea, and bought it because it is one hour from everywhere.

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Garden Suite

Garden Suite is the original ground floor of the neoclassical house.

Garden Suite

Kastro Suite

One of the views from this room is of the Medieval castle on the hilltop

Kastro Suite

Dirfys Suite

The view in the distance is of Mount Dirfys, the highest peak on Euboea.

Dirfys Suite

Room Orange Grove

This room opens onto a large balcony facing the orange grove on the opposite side.

Orange Grove


Small but cute, leads out onto a large balcony and the orange orchard.

The Orchard