Ancient Sites

Lefkandi – Xeropolis – c1050 – 800 BC, 5km from the farm.

Eretria – Ancient Theatre – Museum – House of the Mosaics 370 BC and Ancient Theatre c 5th century BC, 16km from the farm.

Amphiareion of Oropos, 60 km from the farm.

A destination that was popular in the 5th century BC where, in accordance with the cult of the god Amphiareios, people were cured of ailments and indeed, protected from the plague. One of the principles of diagnosis lay in the interpretation of dreams, so people stayed on the site during treatment.

Marathon, 75 km from the farm.

The site of two major battles between the Greeks and the Persians in the 5th century BC. The tumulus (τύμβος) contains the remains of 192 Athenians killed in the 490 BC attack.

Delphi, 140 km (2hrs) from the farm.

The well-known site where the oracle made gnomic utterances open to misinterpretation. In common with other ancient destination sites in Greece it has temples, a theatre, an athletics stadium and the 5th century Treasuries of Athens and other city states where dedications to Apollo were kept.

Athens  88 km (1 hr 20)

Vravrona 110 km (1 hr 25m)

The sanctuary to Artemis at Vravrona was the destination for the procession of the little bears: girls going into adolescence in the 5th century BC. The museum which is nearby has statues of children and babies and toys which is unique and makes it appear to have been a place of dedication for fertility, safe childbirth and healthy children.

Sounion    139 km (2 hrs)

The c 5th century temple of Poseidon is located on the southern most tip of mainland Greece and is famous for providing refuge to slaves from Athens – if they could make the journey to Sounion, they could become free.

Elesfina     highway 100 km 1h 10; back roads 103 km 1 h 25

The temple of Zeus was the site at which initiates underwent secret rituals in order to become priests. There was an annual 9 day procession from Athens to the site for this purpose.

Drakospita – Dragon Houses      115 km (1 hr 30)

These are ancient structures made of huge blocks of stone for purposes that are not clear but which suggest use for performing rituals.

There are 16 in all, of differing sizes, shape and state of repair. The closest to MadCat Farm are at Styra.

The biggest is on Mt Ochi at 1400 m, near Karystos,, about 2 hours from MadCat Farm.