A short tour of MadCat Farm

Welcome to MadCat Farm!

When you arrive at the main gate, you will find the intercom button on your right.

Drive into a parking space straight ahead and you will be met with a luggage trolley.

There are two ways to walk through the garden to the courtyard.

One way has a cement path: you pass the orange grove and the neo classical house on your right and then turn right into the courtyard.

(The cat is Petra but we cannot guarantee that she will still be there to greet you on your arrival.)

The second way is not the road less traveled so much as the road where the chamomile grows wild in the spring so we have not paved it.

This leads past the orange grove on the left and directly into the courtyard with Lambros’s office, or Reception, straight ahead.

Pick up the key to your room, dump your stuff, and settle into the perfect place to unwind before you plan your next move.

There is so much to see and do Beyond the Farm that no one will ever be bored.

We have listed some of the places that we have visited and some activities that ourselves or other guests have done. We can sit by the pool or under the orange trees and discuss various options while you shake off the dust of travel.

And MadCat Farm will be there to welcome you to a home from home after each of your adventures

View from the kitchen door of a rainbow over the medieval towers.

View of the field before the pool and pond were built.

Sometimes it snows - not every year and definitely not in the summer.