About Us

Who are we?

Lambros and Alice Anne, both born and raised in South Africa, married in 1979 and came to Greece two weeks later.

After 28 years in Athens they found the ‘farm’ – at 1.6 hectares it is a very small farm or large garden – on the island of Euboea, and bought it because it is one hour from everywhere.

It took 8 years to do renovations and build a natural swimming pool and now MadCat Farm is a fully operational bed and breakfast on the Lilandio Plain.

Why are we here?

If you stand in the garden you have a medieval castle on the hill to your left and two medieval towers on the lower hill to your right.

It was the family homestead of the local doctor who lived from 1904 until 1994 who had inherited the land from his parents. Doctor Hatziyiannis was famous far and wide for being a good scientist and a caring healer – and for producing the full range of crops the climate allows for.

So MadCat Farm feels special because it is wrapped in all this history and healing.

The idea is to bring the land back to life again – it was a farm for 150 years before we came into the picture. We have renovated the buildings along environmentally friendly lines, keeping what we could of what was there before us. We work on the fields and the olive trees, orange trees and vineyards using organic methods and all the time we are adding new trees and plants for the future.

MadCat Farm is one hour from Athens; one hour from Marathon; one hour (and a half) from Delphi; one hour and more from Southern Euboea: it’s the ideal starting point for many day trips on the mainland and Euboea.